Yoga & Me

What is Yoga?

Be Still and Know

Essentially, yoga is a moving meditation. The entire spectrum of yoga postures, or asanas, has evolved to take us to that peaceful, radiant still point at the centre of our being that’s always there but admittedly not always so easy to access! Yoga offers a creative way in.

The shapes we make on the mat may be challenging, expressive, enlivening and restful. They are designed to strengthen, tone and align the body, and to increase a sense of ease, energy and flexibility.

Learning to breathe more fully, to balance, and to move fluidly and mindfully with the breath has immense benefits, helping us to relax and release tension, improve our posture, increase sensitivity and to anchor ourselves in the present moment. From here we can begin to expand our awareness from the inside out.

Whether you want to improve your general fitness and flexibility, or need to take some regular time out to recharge, yoga is a powerful way to find your way “home” to a naturally relaxed body and mind.

Yoga & Me

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
There are a thousand ways to go home again”
– Rumi

Since my first introduction to yoga in 1998, I have immersed myself in a myriad styles from Scaravelli inspired yoga to Anusara yoga and back again. I have completed a 500 hour (Advanced) teacher training at Triyoga as well as countless CPD courses and immersions. I do believe we are always changing, and as we –  or our circumstances – change, we need to adapt our practice to support our bodies, hearts and minds as best we can.

What is Yoga Conditioning?

I describe my classes as yoga conditioning because they combine traditional hatha yoga postures and mindfulness with dynamic strength training. My aim is to help people increase agility and body confidence in a holistic way. Anyone who wants to build stamina, stretch, improve articular range of motion and aerobic capacity is welcome and will benefit.

Having said that I do think they are particularly suitable for men and women who perhaps need to balance a regular exercise routine, or want to get in shape and/or stay in shape! Runners, cyclists or gym-goers for example who may not always take time to cool down or cross train. Professionals or parents whose bodies take a daily hammering from stress, lack of natural movement or poor posture. Perhaps they feel stiff or sore; are overusing some muscle groups and underusing others. No matter what someone brings to a class, I am confident they will leave feeling better – more open, calmer and clearer. My aim as a teacher is to facilitate freedom of movement, and to help students differentiate between tension and effort; ease and the easy option!

“The body is my temple
And asanas are my prayers” – BKS Iyengar 

With gratitude to all my teachers especially Gary Carter, Anna Ashby and Elena Brower.