I am currently training to be a yoga teacher and have regularly attended Xenia’s Sunday classes over a number of years. I find her to be a very inspiring teacher. Xenia is authentic and approachable and naturally creates an atmosphere that is warm and inclusive. She ensures that students with different levels of experience and ability can work in ways that suit their bodies and challenge themselves safely, under her clear and careful guidance. For me, a good class is all about the teacher, the creativity of the sequencing and how calm and connected I feel when I leave. Xenia is one of the rare, really good ones, not to be missed!’ Ros Gelbart, Speech Therapist, 55

“Just to say I love the yoga classes we have with you at work. You are my favourite yoga teacher! You make me do everything and try harder to really enjoy and have all the benefits we can have from Yoga. Thank you for that!” Patricia Barbosa, Office Manager, 27

“Yoga with Xen puts the “Zen” back in to my working week. Everything
that’s left of center, comes back into perfect balance. A highly
recommended Stretch in the City  to break up the endless “busy and
stressful.” Andrew Downie Lamoureux, Global Collections Manager, 41

“I really enjoyed every minute of the lessons with Xenia. Every moment was filled with meaning and went straight to the core, so that at the end of each session I felt regenerated and much lighter. Highly recommended!” Tiziana Lorusso, Sales Assistant, 39

“Xen’s classes are a good way to reduce stress, relax and stretch. I found the balance and stretching exercises really useful and particularly enjoyed using the wall for hand stands etc. The length and level of the classes were also just right for me. After rowing for quite a few years without stretching as much as I should, these yoga classes have really helped improve my flexibility and core strength. They are extremely enjoyable, challenging and I always leave feeling refreshed.” Liam Baker, Data Capture, International Solutions Delivery and Archive Services Manager, 28